#2 VIA Character Quiz

According to the quiz I am shown to excel at teamwork, however personally I feel I do not. However, I do indeed complete my role as a team member. Second is forgiveness that I feel is more relatable. Many friends and family members have been forgiving and I feel that this has attributed greatly to my development as a forgiving individual. No matter how many mistakes I made, I find myself being forgiven by my family. This would help me be a better citizen as I am able to show empathy to people by forgiving them. By being forgiving I have learnt to empathize others in their circumstances. This allows me to understand others and react accordingly to their needs. This therefore equates to a more joyous society where people fit in.

This value attributes to a society I wish to live in as well. An ideal society would be one that is forgiving and filled with people with empathy. This would definitely promote learning through mistakes, therefore, creating more resilient individuals. Also, people need not be afraid of being rejected by society due to a simple mistake or misunderstanding of the past. However, too much of anything is bad. A society of too much forgiving can result in defiance as it results in many audacious individuals who would break laws. They feel that they could be forgiven anyway and thus see no punishment of such reckless behavior. Its is therefore important to balance and limit forgiving to a certain extent.



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