Reflections week 4 aec

1. What are Singaporeans concerns?

Singaporeans are concerned on Singapore’s growing population. We are afraid that if the population continues to rise there would increased competitions for jobs. The problem of shortage of housing and living space would be jeopardized as well. We would need to cramp ourselves in more crowded public transport. This therefore poses a really huge concern on the growing population.

What are our migrants concern?

Migrants concern is the fear of being ostracized. The do not want to feel left out just because they are different. They want to make the best out of their time here while still being able to fit in. In terms of economics, migrants also need jobs to earn money for a living.

Can there be a happy marriage between these concerns?

Yes there can. However we must understand that both parties must learn to accept each other first. Even if it means there must be a compromise. There must also be an increase in living space for both parties so that these competitions do not occur. If both parties are patient and learn to accept each other, this can work out.


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