AEC weekly reflections week 5


What is needed to create a ‘perfect country’?
-A perfect country is one which has a leader who can foresee of the country’s future and lead the people into crafting a Utopia
-Working towards a more renewable energy such as creating a hydroelectric pump to harness electricity from the movement of water. This could create a greener community as well as preserving the fauna and flora of the area. Therefore working towards a perfect country
-Of course the community also has to be driven. In order to create a perfect country, citizens must be willing to give up certain aspects of their luxurious life.

What can you/Singapore learn from this?
-I can learn that I must do my part in working towards this perfect country. From even the simplest act such as to picking up rubbish from the ground I can help Singapore become a cleaner city.
-Some Singaporeans do complain as they jump to conclusions quickly. For instance, the Population White Paper  was never meant as an aim to reach a population of 6.9 million but instead to cater for such a population if it were to happen. However, Singaporeans had a negative response to the White Paper as they deemed that the paper was meant to further increase the population. If we feel that a policy or anything else is unreasonable, we should first fully understand the issue and view it from another point of view first before jumping to these conclusions.


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