Made in Singapore

Singapore is a small island with a relatively small population. Despite this, we are able to create some relative unique inventions that rocked the world. In the following paragraphs, I will be going through three of them. They are the thumb drive, the creative sound blaster sound card and the discovery of a new type of immune T helper cells.


8 tech creations you didn't know originated from Singapore

 First is the thumb drive. Did you know the famous and widely used thumb drive was made by a Singapore-based Trek Technology? On 2000, Trek Technology sold the first flash drive commercially and had a space of 8 megabyte. (Credits and photo from:  The thumb drive have certainly revolutionized the way we save and transport our data. It is certainly a great accomplishment made by Singapore and we can certainly be proud of Singapore.


8 tech creations you didn't know originated from Singapore

 Second is the creative sound blaster sound card. This Singapore invention actually contributed to the sound from computers today. On 1989, the company, Creative, from Singapore, sold the original Sound Blaster expansion card. Despite not being the first audio expatiation card made it was a better audio card at the time. Under 12 months, Creative became the top-selling expansion card for the PC. The audio systems were later improved and thus became what is is today with huge help of this product.(photo and credits from: It is indeed amazing that a Singapore invention contributed to the computer that we have today.

Third is a breakthrough discovery by NUS. A research team from the NUS made a discovery of a new type of immune cells that may help in the development of a future treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). The cell was new type of immune T helper cells named TH-GM cells play a crucial role in the immune system and pathogenesis of neuronal inflammation. This will help to treat many people in the future with such an illness. The fact that Singaporeans have discovered such a immune cells may also paved the way to future medical breakthrough. (

  In conclusion, Singapore has indeed created many innovations that improved the world today. We should thus be proud of our small, yet successful country that has shaped the modern world as it is today.




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