An unusual occupation in Singapore

There are many unusual occupations in Singapore. However, the occupation that I am going to share is an occupation that I might actually consider taking up. This occupation is a sneaker customiser. It is indeed an unusual job and requires creativity to design these sneakers.

Not many people in Singapore take up this job or even know this job exists. Singaporeans tend to take up office and engineering jobs instead of jobs that require creativity. Office and engineering careers are more common as Singapore’s education system steers more to the gain of knowledge rather than creativity. Additionally, not much emphasis is made on the success of jobs that require creativity such are being an artist, designer or musician. This thus makes shoe designing unusual and unpopular.

(Taken from

I feel that I would take up this job as it allows me to express my creativity while gaining profit from my designs. For instance, if I were to given such an opportunity, I would create a new design that revolves around outer space. Through imagining and creating my own unique design, I am able to showcase my creativity. This also gives me ample opportunities to grow on my creativity. With such a chance to expand my horizons while earning money, I would most definitely choose such a job.

In conclusion, sneaker designers are not well-known in Singapore because of unconscious stereotype that such a job is low-paying in Singapore. I would, however, take on such a job as it is enjoyable and allows me to let my imagination run wild. (idea taken from:


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