5 dollar challenge

The 5 dollar challenge was indeed a difficult challenge to pull off as not many food comes cheap these days. However, I did manage to keep within my budget spending roughly 3 dollars.

IMG-20160625-WA0002 (3)


I woke up slightly late and thus had my breakfast and lunch together. I ate fish-ball noodles from a nearby hawker stall. The price for the noodle was $2.50. It was delicious and also affordable. However, I had only 2.50 left for dinner.





IMG-20160625-WA0001For dinner I decided to cook one small packet of Maggi instant noodles as it was quick and affordable. The packet costs $3.45 and contained 5 smaller packets of noodles. Thus one packet cost less than a dollar. Though it was indeed strange to be eating instant noodle for dinner, it did taste good. In addition, it only took me roughly 5 minutes to prepare.




Surprisingly, the people that run the hawker stall could have easily charged extra to gain more profit. However, they instead choose to keep it cheap so that people can enjoy food a a cheap price. This reflects their love for Singapore as these hawkers do their job to spread their love and passion for the food rather than earning more money. They spread their delicious food with others and make others happy. They also create an identity in Singapore as Singapore is well-known for our cheap and delicious hawker foods.

I felt that the 5 dollar challenge taught me to save money on food. It was indeed surprising that I could spend so little money on such good food. I never imagined that low-priced food could be so mouth-watering. I would most definitely eat at the hawker center again if I was given the chance instead of going to expensive restaurants to eat. Who knew such simple delights could be so cheap? In addition, this challenge has also made me aware of the poverty in Singapore. (According to the Department of Statistics, 105,000 families in Singapore are earning on average $1,500 per month.  This means that life is a daily struggle for some 387,000 Singapore citizens and permanent residents. After paying utilities, schooling, housing rental or loan instalments and medicals, they are left with about $5 a day for food and transport per family member.(Taken from http://sgagainstpoverty.org/5-dollar-challenge/)) Through this experience, I learned the struggles of these individuals spending only $5 dollars a day. It has taught me to be thankful with what I have. This teaches citizenry by showing us the struggles of many individuals in Singapore and hopefully encourage us to donate to these people. With each and every donation, we can change lives for the better.




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