Global Voices

The world is ever changing and as we proceed into the 21st century, new problems arises and old problems only seem to get bigger. Global voices ( aims to make a stand to tackle the problems that the world current faces. I have chosen an article from the website to share and also to explain its importance.

The article I have chosen is ( The article talks about coral reefs as well as a movie being shown in the area. This article calls out to me as reminder of the damage we have done to our environment.

(Taken from:

Coral reefs are constant being killed off by humans especially during land reclamation. Humans have also caused climate change resulting in unsuitable conditions for corals to flourish. In fact, there used to be an abundance of coral reefs around Singapore. However, as we reclaimed land, coral reefs got buried. (Read more about coral reefs in Singapore here: The article caught my attention as it reminded me of the damage we are doing to the environment. In the past, whales were killed and their oils were taken as fuels. We almost drove whales to extinction as a result. We also cut down trees for space to grow crops or to use wood to make paper. However, as a result, we caused global warming. Which in turn lead to the melting of polar ice caps and higher sea levels. We need to constantly remind ourselves of the damage we are doing to the environment and use only what we need.

So what does this have to do with active citizenry? Everything.

We need to realize we are all citizens of Earth and we must do what we can as citizens to preserve this planets beauty. However, we must first take ownership of this planet. Understanding that this planet belongs to everyone is the first step to achieving active citizenry. Next is to believe that what each of us does can make a huge difference to this planet. Finally, we need to carry out these steps to make Earth a better place for the rest of the citizens of Earth be it in the future or the present.

In conclusion, I choose this article as I feel it is of relevance to all of us to serve as a reminder that our actions have a huge impact on our environment. If each of us is willing to do our part to save the environment, we can shape the environment for the better. We are all citizens of Earth and we should appreciate the gifts this planet has given us.



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